We are advocates of every employee's financial success

We came together at the University of Michigan from different backgrounds and disciplines to include research-driven approaches to solving the student loan debt crisis.

There are no affordable solutions in the marketplace that leverage the multitude of federal programs to make student loan debt relief attainable to every graduate and employee. Our algorithm puts employees on the right plan and automates student loan management, so late paperwork filling doesn't put employees at risk of losing their repayments benefits.

We envision a world where education and employment increases every graduates' economic ability and sets them up for lifelong success.

Impact Goals

Help 1 Million people save an average of $20,000 over the lifetime of their loan

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The Team

Meet the leaders behind LoanSense

Catalina Kaiyoorawongs

Founder & CEO

Catalina is the ultimate voice and advocate to set borrowers up for financial success. She wants to support and empower graduates to own their financial future. When she's not working on LoanSense, she's walking her adopted Guatemalan street doggy named Poochica.

Ivan Herdon

Lead Full Stack Developer

Ivan is an experienced full-stack software engineer who enjoys solving complex problems with clean, efficient code. He is passionate about good software architecture and design. If you're a John Coltrane or Miles Davis fan, you and he will probably make great friends.

Victor Poon

Operations and Finance

Hailing from the far away city of Toronto, Victor enjoys snowboarding and playing soccer when he isn’t creating overly complex financial models or enjoying the relative warmth of San Francisco. Victor brings a wealth of forecasting, strategic planning, and Netflix binge watching skills to LoanSense.

Core Values


We strive to understand the journey and struggle of our employees and customers to build a user-centric experience that is vital to our mission. We commit to constantly listen to users to improve their experience.


We promote diversity on axes of identity, experience and opinion. LoanSense believes in empowering female leadership since women hold two thirds of student debt.


LoanSense is committed to the continuous learning and growth of every single team member through honest, respectful and positive feedback. Transparency and resiliency of our people drive the success of our mission.


We strive with determination and belief in building a world we wish to live in, one that advocates for and best advises the borrowers through a digital loan advisor that delivers actionable recommendations to employees. We improve retention to build a culture of caring and loyalty in our customers' companies.


We have fun in and out of your work space and time. We believe in flexible work arrangements so we can live dynamic lives that are fun and fufilling.

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    • Approximately half of turnover is due to insufficient salary and benefits. Poor rewards is the top cited reason employees quit
    • 49% of employees prefer student debt repayment help over a 401(K)
    • 8M American over 50 own $20k more than recent grads owe in the form of Parent Plus Loans (loans given out to parents to finance their child’s education)

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