By The Numbers

10 out of 10

Rating that over 80% of our web class attendees gives our loan content!

$25 Million

Amount we have advised in student loan debt!

$4,000 - $30,000

LoanSense helps each person save!

The LoanSense Difference

At LoanSense we don’t have a refinance first methodology because we know refinance isn’t the right approach for more than 50% of borrowers. We do what’s best for you!


We strive to understand the journey and struggle of our employees and customers to build a user-centric experience that is vital to our mission. We commit to constantly listen to users to improve their experience.


We promote diversity on axes of identity, experience and opinion. LoanSense believes in empowering female leadership since women hold two thirds of student debt.


LoanSense is committed to the continuous learning and growth of every single team member through honest, respectful and positive feedback. Transparency and resiliency of our people drive the success of our mission.


We strive with determination and belief in building a world we wish to live in, one that advocates for and best advises the borrowers through a digital loan advisor that delivers actionable recommendations to employees. We improve retention to build a culture of caring and loyalty in our customers' companies.


We have fun in and out of your work space and time. We believe in flexible work arrangements so we can live dynamic lives that are fun and fulfilling.

Founding Team

Catalina Kaiyoorawongs

Founder & CEO

Ivan Herndon

Founder & CTO



LoanSense uses 256 bit encryption, the standard bank level encryption, to protect user data.


We do not share employees' personal data with any third parties for marketing purposes.