Originate 2 to 5 more loans annually per loan officer

(without spending more on leads or ads)

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$0 Cost to You

No Lift to You.

No Cost to You.

We only Build Value.

2-4 Weeks

Your client gets a letter

approving them for a lower

student loan amount.

$100,000 more house

Reducing student loans

Boost home affordability

Close 2-5 more loans annually per LO

LoanSense gets DTI and student loan impacts on DTI. Let us get your clients ready and send them back to you.

We help more moderate income Americans close (with zero lift from you)

Our primary target are $45K - $80K earner, those who work for government or nonprofit, and those in bad student loan standing.

Bring back old customers and better engage new ones

LoanSense has vital DTI, life event, and cash out refinance to pay down student loan data on customers to nurture them over. and over


How We Work

Getting to The Closing Table

We prioritize getting your customer to the closing table with less student loan debt. We can help your customer close 30% faster because they don’t have to worry about figuring out their loans by themselves - filing into the wrong plan or even wondering what to file. Forget the time and headache it’ll take for them to “figure it out.

We Educate & Empower

We educate them on all their student loan options - consolidation, refinance, credit dings, loan forgiveness? We answer all the questions you nor credit agencies can’t around student loans, what happens and how they can even get previous payments they made forgiven.

Build Short & Long Strategies

We take a planning approach that targets short and long terms goals. We save money today but help them plan for the future. We continue to provide follow on filing support and help your customers reduce student loan payments in the future.

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