Better LoanSense for employees. Better retention for you.

LoanSense simplifies student loan management for employees

We don’t just refinance student loans.

We recommended the best options to reduce the most debt for your employees. All using your existing 401(K) program.


of employees with loans would stay for up to 5 years if they received repayment assistance


average turnover cost per employee


of employees have a family member with student debt

Our Approach


Connect your organization to LoanSense in minutes and start seeing employee engagement and retention reports in the very first month


Engage employees by identifying the best loan options to reduce debt and guiding them through the loan filing process. So, they can focus on work not debt


Reward loyalty by customizing payoff benefits based on length of service

Employee turnover costs more than you may realize.
Calculate how much you can save by reducing turnover today.


LoanSense Features

Optimize Repayment Planning

LoanSense leverages federal benefits to decrease overall debt burden by $1000s and accelerate payoff by years

Secure Your Workforce's Short and Long-Term Financial Future

Allow employees to pay off their student loan debt, while you save for their retirement, and it's tax-deductible for you

Autopay & Autofile

Payroll deduct, autofile paperwork and send reminders on loan tasks

Entire Family Access

Borrowing and repayment tools for the entire family, so children and spouses can manage their debt as well

LoanSense Impact

Both public and private employees qualify for income based-repayment plans.
Only 20% of those who qualify for an income-based plan actually apply.
LoanSense repayment planning alleviates loan stress and yields results.

Nonprofit Employees
(Average Results)

Reduce monthly
payments by


Reduce total
owed by


Reduce student
loan burden by


Private Sector Employees
(Average Results)

payback by

13-36 months

Reduce total
owed by


Reduce student
loan burden by

*All nonprofit, nonprofit hospitals, schools, university, and government employees qualify for Public Loan forgiveness.

What are employees saying?

Lauren D.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

LoanSense offered me an extremely comprehensive look at my student loans, giving me invaluable knowledge and guidance about my repayment options.

This tool allowed me to truly make an informed decision about how to payback my student loans, even showing me options that I didn't know were available.

With LoanSense I was able to decrease my monthly loan payment by almost 90%, and potentially save over $30K over the lifetime of my loan. I cannot recommend this service highly enough.


Detroit, Michigan

My loan servicer put me on a plan I thought was an income-based plan but they just extended my time in repayment.

LoanSense recommended the best income-based plan option for me and helped me enroll. It was simple, quick, clear and honestly a life saver!

With LoanSense, I saved $100 a month, 75 months off repayment and a total of $9,171* I’d otherwise have to pay back. What a relief!


LoanSense uses 256 bit encryption, the standard bank level encryption, to protect user data.


We do not share employees' personal data with any third parties for marketing purposes.

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    • Approximately half of turnover is due to insufficient salary and benefits. Poor rewards is the top cited reason employees quit
    • 49% of employees prefer student debt repayment help over a 401(K)
    • 8M American over 50 own $20k more than recent grads owe in the form of Parent Plus Loans (loans given out to parents to finance their child’s education)

    Learn many more data points and how to turn your 401(k) into a dual retirement and student loan benefit.

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