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lower student loan payment by


increase home buying budget


total loan forgiveness


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How It Works

#1 Set your goals

We personalize our advice to your needs. Answer 6 questions and upload your loans to get personalized tools to achieve your life goals.

#2 Sign up for your personalized plan and save $1000s

We assist with tricky paperwork to cut payments by 100s based on available federal programs, improve debt-to-income ratio and increase your homebuying budget in just 3 weeks.

#3 Answer your most pressing questions to achieve your goals

We answer the most commonly asked questions in videos by topic. Loan advisors confirm your payoff plan and even build your home buying, car buying plan to be your step-by-step personal guide.

#4 Human advisor by your side reduces stress & provides support

We track your student loan filings and send reminders. Best is your advisor is on stand by to help you along the journey.

Get a letter from your loan servicer with a lower payment and payments that count
towards loan forgiveness.


How much does it cost

Digital Loan Coaching
Decision making tools


one-time payment

Student loan coaching answers the toughest questions to crush student debt & achieve other life goals


Concierge: 1-on-1 with a loan advisor, expert filing
+ 4-months of personalized support


first payment + 3 monthly payments of $97

You have a personal loan advisor accessible at your finger tips who sets up your loan plan to achieve your financial goals. We understand debt-to-income, student loans and will assist with all paperwork, even liaising with your employer. You'll get access to exclusive content that helps you move from debt to wealth more intelligently.


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How we successfully helped our clients

Want to close on a home but your debt-to-income ratio is too high because of student loans?

Public Service Attorney received over $6,000 in prior payments counted towards loan forgiveness

Healthcare professional received over $117,000 back from FedLoan with LoanSense expert help

“Our loan officer recommended LoanSense. My partner and I were denied a home loan because our combined monthly student loan payment was $2000. LoanSense helped us lower our payment by $1400 and understand the best options to close on our house! Plus, they gave us advice on the best loan forgiveness programs. We highly recommend them”


“In LoanSense I found a partner who could advise on the best approach to repayment, the impacts of legislation, and the ways that your own lifestyle and job history factor into the equation. And I feel like I have a lifeline I can go back to when additional questions come up! Thank you Catalina and LoanSense!”


"LoanSense allowed me to make an informed decision about how to payback my student loans, even showing me options that I didn't know were available. With LoanSense I was able to decrease my monthly loan payment by 90% to $11 and potentially save up to $30K over the lifetime of my loan. I would encourage anyone with existing student loans to check it out immediately."



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