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Benefits we provide

Lower student loan payments

Average savings of $654 per month

Increased home buying budget

Average increased affordability of $99,802

Get on track for a loan forgiveness

Projected forgiveness is ~$81,400

Faster student loan processing

Get paperwork back in 21 days for mortgage underwriting - 2x faster than going at it alone

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How LoanSense Works

Build a personalized plan

Connect in minutes, answer a couple questions and get a personalized plan

Match with a student loan expert

We assist you with tricky paperwork to cut payments by $1000s and incease home buying budget in just 3 weeks

Avoid errors & close quickly

We’ll be on your side to track your student loan filings and continuously give tips and reminders

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Plan includes :

Tools and digital content

  • DIY Student Loan Coaching
  • Student loan decision-making tools
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Plan includes :

Tools and digital content

  • DIY Student Loan Coaching
  • Student loan decision-making tools

Individual session with student loan expert when requested

  • Build a personalized student loan repayment plan
  • Learn about repayment plans, loan forgiveness, mortgage affordability, or getting out of collections
  • Live Q&A with student loan expert

LoanSense automated filing services

  • One employer form and IDR application included
  • Coordinate with HR to get the required employer signatures (if applicable)
  • Submit data to your lender to help you close on your home
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