We target problems you might face

Reduce your payment by 50%

LoanSense experts help you enroll into the best plan to achieve your goals and will even liaise with HR for your employer signatures. We use data to track and reduce the errors that 71% of users commit.

Close on a house 30% faster

LoanSense is the ONLY trusted loan experts in the mortgage industry. We build a plan to reduce your debt-to-income ratio, improve your credit by ~20 points and qualify you for a mortgage faster. Our experts guide you through the best actions for short and long terms loan success.

Save $10,000s in loan forgiveness

LoanSense is building the gold standard in advising on loan forgiveness. We will fight to get extra payments refunded, refile to get $1000s in prior payments counted toward loan forgiveness, and even help weigh the options to refinance or consolidate. We are the ONLY service that provides continued digital support and a 100% money back guarantee - that's how confident we are that you will love us.


Get better repayment strategies in 7 minutes

Check your elegibility in 3 minutes

Don't know if you are qualified for better plans? By answering 6 questions, you will know if there are better repayment plans you can eneroll in.

Recommend better plans that help you save $1000s

Our software defines that best repayment strategy for you based on your financial goals.

Understand your interest savings when paying faster

If you pay a few dollars more each month, when will you be done paying and how much will you save? Know that so you can plan for other financial goals.

Learn how student loans affect your income taxes

Marriage may affect your student loan payments. Our tax calculator takes the guess work out of your decision to file jointly or separately. We recommend how to file your income taxes to optimize savings.

Paperwork and payment tracker

File your paperwork late and your payments increase - don't let that happen to you. LoanSense will update you on your due dates and track qualifying payments for loan forgiveness.


Join LoanSense and become debt-free


Personalized repayment plan recommendation, Monthly payment calculator, Marriage calculator, Refinance tool, Student loan resources.


Payment Plan
Enrollment Service

Quicker + more accurate


/annual payment

Free features, plus:

LoanSense automated filing service

Up to two employer filings and one payment plan enrollment included.

Loan expert reviews paperwork & submits it

LoanSense liaises to HR and gets your employer signatures

Paperwork tracker eliminates errors

Letter templates eliminates hassle of dealing with your servicer.

Extra LoanSense app features

Student loan dashboard

Reminders for important student loan deadlines


Student Loan Expert
Counseling Service

Expert Advice + Help to execute.
Save $1000s.


/one-time payment

Free features, plus:

1:1 counseling session with student loan expert

Bring Best Practices to your Loan Payoff Plan

Informational resources for more indepth answers to your questions

Extra LoanSense app features

Student loan dashboard

Reminders for important student loan deadlines


Both Plus More perks

LoanSense joins your family + Helps you achieve financial freedom


/one-time payment

Free features, plus:

1:1 counseling session with student loan expert

LoanSense automated filing service

Extra LoanSense app features

Weekly pro tips and ongoing digital suppoer


How we successfully helped our clients

Healthcare professional recevied over $117,000 back from FedLoan with LoanSense expert help

Dr. Ahmed is a Radiation Oncologist and decided to accelerate payoff without understanding the projected forgiveness amount of nearly $300,000. After Dr. Ahmed's meeting with LoanSense expert, he decided to pursue loan forgiveness. Our expert called FedLoan with him and Dr. Ahmed received a refund from the US Treasury for over $117,000 in extra payments.

Public Service Attorney received over $6,000 in prior payments counted towards loan forgiveness

Melissa's auto-debit was 1 day late and FedLoan put her on "paid ahead status" which subsequently did not count her next payments. She filed to enroll in loan forgiveness and was rejected. None of her 3 years of payments counted towards forgiveness.

LoanSense expert re-filed Melissa's paperwork. This resulted in 27 payments counted and $6000 in savings.

Want to close on a home but your debt-to-income ratio is too high because of student loans?

Catalina, LoanSense founder and Founder of FindMyWayHome detail how we collaborate to help student loan borrowers achieve their dreams of homeownership. LoanSense is armed with the tools and network to help borrowers get on the right loan plan, increase your credit score by ~20 points and partner with mortgage credit experts to help you navigate both the student loans and mortgage process to close 40% faster.


Our product is 100% research based


Post Graduation

When do I start paying my loan?

Lost e-mail from servicer

First Payment

Scramble to find your servicer log on and set up payment. Or call them and let them recommend a plan (often not the best plan).

1 - 4 years into repayment

Financial goals change and payments are no longer affordable. Or servicer suddenly increases payments because they enrolled you in a graduated plan.


You lose $1000s in extra interest or unable to qualify for loan forgiveness.



Upload loans. Advise on best plan.

Either contribute early to lower amount of capitalized interest or get on the best plan.


Know what to do and when to do it.


LoanSense updates information annually because life changes.

We Review. Reassess. Refile.


LoanSense supports you so you are not alone. We saves you 30% to 50% off your entire loan balance. Make a plan today!


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LoanSense uses 256 bit encryption, the standard bank level encryption, to protect user data.


We do not share employees' personal data with any third parties for marketing purposes.