How It Works

Loan Plan

Set a goal and we'll tell you how to lower your payment or pay faster.

Personalized Calculators

How much you save in time & money if you pay faster.
How to file your income taxes to save your money.

Filing & Reminders

We file into loan plans & help you seek loan forgiveness.


What Differentiates LoanSense

We do NOT prioritize refinance. We help people get their loans forgiven through government programs. It’s confusing. Check out a personal story here.

Answer a few questions, update your loans and get a tailored plan

71% who file by themselves unknowingly commit paperwork errors.

We are here to help YOU file YOUR paperwork correctly and on time.

Customize your loan plan for public and private loans

Don't know which loan plan is the best based on your employment or income?

We'll tell you.

File paperwork & Reminders

Answer a few questions and we’ll help you file

71% who file by themselves unknowingly commit paperwork errors.

99% who file by themselves get rejected.

We are here to help YOU file YOUR paperwork correctly and on time.

Understand how to file your income taxes

Married and not sure if it will affect your taxes? Our calculator will show you.


LoanSense provides you with loan guides and pro-tips.

Are you a teacher, nurse, social worker, or another profession that needs access to federal and state loan programs?

We break down Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) and many other loan programs for your profession.

We'll even help you build a plan and file your paperwork.

  • With LoanSense I lowered my monthly payment by 90% and will save me over $30K. I didn’t even know this was possible.

    Lauren D.

    Ann Arbor, MI
  • LoanSense recommended the best income-based plan option for me and helped me enroll. It was simple, quick, clear and honestly a life saver!


    Detroit, MI
Loan Decision Process

Our product is 100% research based


Post Graduation

When do I start paying my loan?

Lost e-mail from servicer

First Payment

Scramble to find your servicer log on and set up payment. Or call them and let them recommend a plan (often not the best plan).

1 - 4 years into repayment

Financial goals change and payments are no longer affordable. Or servicer suddenly increases payments because they enrolled you in a graduated plan.


You lose $1000s in extra interest or unable to qualify for loan forgiveness.



Upload loans. Advise on best plan.

Either contribute early to lower amount of capitalized interest or get on the best plan.


Know what to do and when to do it.


LoanSense updates information annually because life changes.

We Review. Reassess. Refile.


LoanSense supports you so you are not alone. We saves you 30% to 50% off your entire loan balance. Make a plan today!


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