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Don't let a mortgage denial stop you. What to do instead

Catalina Kaiyoorawongs|Mortgage|June 20, 2023
Don't let a mortgage denial stop you. What to do instead

What is it you want to achieve? Can managing your student loan better help you get there?  

Knowledge doesn’t always imply action though. I know to eat vegetables and work out but I fall short many days.

How do we bridge the gap from knowledge to action? For me, it was fear of rising rent costs and having no savings for my future children that led me to want to buy a home. 

That drove me crazy after I got turned down for my first home by three different loan officers. Ultimately, I researched how to adjust my student loan payments. I went back to the loan officer after I enrolled in a new federal student loan plan and was able to close on a home. 

I self-educated myself but today’s borrowers and lenders do not have to stand alone because LoanSense is here. 

As a student loan expert, I lend my expertise to the mortgage world and equip mortgage professionals with the insights to reduce overall student loan payments and balance and ultimately boost mortgage purchase power in 21 days. 

The impact of a person's student loan systematically delays the average American from buying a home by 3 to 5 years. However, there's also a psychological delay in one’s mind, especially for the 17 million student loan borrowers who are renting in the prime purchase demographic.

I care deeply about the average American because that is me, and like me, borrowers with student debt lack the sherpa to guide them toward the wealth-building opportunity represented by a home. 

PS- We are for sure entering into repayment at the end of August.