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Reduce student loan payments, lower debt-to-income and boost affordability in 21 days.

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Who we serve

Mortgage Brokers and Individual Loan Officers

How LoanSense helps our broker partners prevent loan loss. <<View our partner case study>>

Independent Mortgage Bankers

Turn down analysis of a large IMB showed LoanSense could have saved over $300 million in loan origination volume in 21 days. <<Learn more>>

Depository Instituions

Cross-sell, reach younger audiences and meet Community Reinvestment Act requirements. <<download our white paper>>

How LoanSense makes sense for lenders

We help you compete

Set borrowers to recieve higher contingent pre-approval for bigger home loans. You’ll be giving not just competitive rates but also great value to clients.

Be a hero to your clients
Originate more loans
Make more money

We position you

We back you up with our very own marketing materials, resources, and proprietary tools to enhance your marketing credibility and exposure!

Generate 1.5X more leads

We mentor you

We’re a powerhouse of financial experts with established thought leadership, from the basic of student loans to the nitty-gritty of DTI

Guide you along the way
Answering any questions you have
Provide you with the necessary tools

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Originate More Loans

Win and close more deals and boost your earning. Garner $1500 in earnings per loan with no low lift from you.

Attract the Right Borrowers

Know how to avoid turning down the right clients. Learn who can boost their purchasing power and yield higher ROI in your bank account.

Boost Referral and Engagement

Help borrowers get over the affordability hump. Have them refer you to their friends, family and co-workers and be a repeat customer.

Optimize Loan Processing Time

Discover how to adjust a borrower’s DTI in 3 weeks. Takeover the legwork and make it 30% faster for your clients!

Ready to raise the bar?

Affordability Calculator

The Affordability Calculator is our proprietary tool that shows how reduced monthly student loan payments expand purchasing power within the 21-day closed loan cycle. Here’s how it works:

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Ready to raise the bar?

The impact we are making is incredible

See what lenders and partners are saying

“I know there are 83,000 borrowers with student debt home shopping in the metro Denver area. I now have the platform to address a big financial pain point for today’s borrowers and help them buy a home. I win more customers with LoanSense.”


Loan Office at IMB

“Student loans are the single most important liability item that can be adjusted and improve the purchasing power of a buyer. Before LoanSense, I send them away to do it on their own and never hear back. LoanSense account executive is an extension of my lending team and our borrowers inevitably refer their friends with student loans to me.”


CA based broker

"Mortgage Coach’s partnership with LoanSense gives lenders access to a purchasing power calculator that determines how much borrowers’ monthly student loan payments can be reduced. The impact can be life-altering for borrowers. It could mean $50,000 more for a better school district, an extra bathroom or close proximity to employment."

Joe Purthur

President of Mortgage Coach

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