LoanSense - Refund Policy

LoanSense was built because we believe the best loan programs are created and managed by the government. However, the government isn’t always the best at executing programs in an easy-to-understand and accessible manner.

That is why LoanSense is here. We can only exist to serve you from the contribution you pay to support the continued work to get you loan reduction and forgiveness. We can’t guarantee loan forgiveness and we can’t guarantee all our paperwork will be error-free. We need you to review all the work that is submitted to you before you sign it. We get people forgiveness that have been previously rejected.

Quality service isn’t free. Our fee for service supports the continued work to build the best-in-class application and advisory service that is here for you in your time of need.

You are joining a community and LoanSense will refund your money within 72 hours for the following reasons:

  • You entered in accurate information on your loans and did not receive as great of a reduction as you thought after you uploaded your loan information.
  • You did not submit the loan filing paperwork and we did not start the loan paperwork process yet. If LoanSense started your loan paperwork process, we can not refund your money.
  • You are seeking services after you have defaulted on your loans and want LoanSense to help you resolve your defaulted loan case. We will issue you a refund as that is not part of our service. LoanSense can only provide assistance on filing into the student loan consolidation program, but we can not call your servicer. If we started filing the consolidation application, we can not issue you a refund.

We are a mission-oriented organization and are open to providing the best value. If you have found value in our tools, personalized loan information or even email help, we trust that you will in good faith not use our services then request a refund for our services, not limited to the items listed above.

However, if you are unhappy for any reason or believe you did not get the value you were seeking in terms of filing service and action plan, please email us at and we are happy to consider your request for a refund.

With that being said, LoanSense can not guarantee the actions of the federal servicing agency. We recommend you document and even record calls with them so we can be of better assistance should you have any questions.